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A true Sports Industry Expert, Executive Sports Producer, and Television Show Host Based In Utah.

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Discover the Passionate Career of Lenard Davis Jr.

Lenard has been involved in the sports industry for his entire life, and his passion for sports shines through in every aspect of his career. He has achieved great success in his professional life, earning his way from master control operator to news photographer to Executive Sports Producer in a Top 30 market and has been recognized for his work cohosting Kite Life Radio with Mark “Toonz” Hamilton.

Lenard’s positive attitude and perspective are what truly sets him apart. He is a relatable and genuine person who truly cares about the people he works with. Lenard is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of his projects and the people involved.

One of Lenard’s most notable accomplishments is his very own sports talk show podcast, where he brings his expert knowledge and charismatic personality to the forefront. The show features some of the biggest names in sports, and Lenard’s unique approach ensures that every guest feels right at home.

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In addition to his television show, Lenard has a long list of accomplishments in the sports industry, including season highlights, highlight reels, and past sports endeavors. His resume is impressive, and his expertise is sought after by many.

If you want to learn more about Lenard’s personal and professional life, this website is the perfect place to start. From his biography to fun facts about him, you’ll get a glimpse into the life of one of the most passionate and dedicated sports industry experts out there.

Thank you for visiting Lenard Davis Jr.’s interactive resume, and we hope you enjoy learning more about this exceptional individual.

Explore Lenard’s Career in the Sports Industry

Experience the world of Lenard Davis Jr., an executive sports producer, TV show host, and community leader with a wealth of expertise in the sports industry. Discover his personal brand, community engagement efforts, and insights into current sports trends and events, all in one place.

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Lenard Davis Jr.'s Sports Endeavors

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To be a guest on Lenard‘s Show was a blast. He is a very nice guy and has a huge interest in football all over the globe. His Knowledge about the game brings out the best in every single episode. Very much recommended to follow his Journey!!

Luis HorvathVienna Vikings

While on Nard Knows podcast, I had a great time. he was a great host with thought provoking questions. he always goes the extra mile and ensures he delivers a great quality product for his viewers and listeners alike . If I was asked to be on a show with him again I would with no hesitation. I greatly appreciate him having me on.

Tanqueray TownsFormer University of Utah Wide Receiver

Lenard is an excellent journalist! Very knowledgeable and professional at all levels of his field. A man of integrity and excellence that was a coworker and is now a friend.

Greg TownsendFormer ABC4 News Photographer

Getting to know Lenard has been a blessing. Seeing someone so passionate about his work and who always has a smile on his face is contagious to many. I’m glad I was able to meet and be apart of his show. Keep up the good work

Coach Quinton GantherUniversity of Utah Running Backs Coach

Lenard is a guru when it comes to sports. He knows what to ask and how to ask it so that as a athlete your comfortable and relaxed unlike other people who do these things. It was a great experience.

Bryan MasseySMU Defensive Back

Lenard is a go getter. He is not one to get stagnant and wait for the wave to come in, he goes out and makes them.

Alejandro LuceroThe National Guard Photographer

Lenard always brings unique and intriguing athletes onto his show and is genuinely impressive with his widespread knowledge regarding the sports world.

Vincent WineyAncona Dolphins

Nard Knows is perfect for sports fans. The balance he brings to the platform around sports discussion, future predictions, podcasts, and more allow for it to be vibrant media source. I’m very thankful for my involvement with his growing platform and am excited to see where he takes it from here!

Cade PetersonGrand Valley State Quarterback

Lenard is a very educated and engaging host that brings incredible interviews to his audience. Always a fun and exciting show with an amazing selection of guests! Must watch!

Zach EdwardsParis Musketeers Quarterback

Lenard has an eye for the visuals that help elevate a story. His talent, passion and creativity shows in each piece of content from television news to podcasting.

Curtis BookerABC4 News Producer

To have been part of Nard Knows as a guest, I could say that from the 1st second we started talking, I felt comfortable and the conversation was natural, by asking smart questions, he brought up other topics which make the interview more interesting for me and the people listening & watching it.

Kevin MwambaFrankfurt Galaxy

As a guest on Nard Knows, I was extremely satisfied with his production quality and his team they really made the whole experience very enjoyable. Their professionalism was outstanding throughout the whole filming process.

Kenzell LawlerUniversity of Utah Cornerback

Nard knows is a great chance to get to know the other side of athletes and have a better personal understanding of them. Hosts a lot of the top athletes High level and underrated. Great sports mind. Awesome experience.

Jalil LenoreCentral State University Linebacker

Lenard knows his stuff. Every interview that I have watch or been part of he takes his time and learns about the person and all of their accomplishments.

Jarvis McClamTirol Raiders

Nard is a true Sports Analyst expert. His passion for sports resonates to all he speaks with; It takes an athlete to understand another athlete. The grit in which he plays the game is the passion that is presented to his viewers and he speaks from the heart.

Omar GutierrezUtah Tackle Football League

Being on Nard Knows was a great experience. He’s very professional and gives athletes like myself, that are playing outside of the U.S. an opportunity to voice what’s going on out here to a bigger platform. I’m honestly grateful and thankful that he reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to be on his show

Jessie RobbinsTampere Saints Quarterback

Nard Knows show was definitely a fun experience! Made me feel like I was back in in college getting interviews! From his ideas to his his energy,
Its top notch!

Aaron WadeFormer Utah State Defensive Back

Working with Lenard is always great. No project was too big no matter the time constraints, if it needed to make air, he made sure it got on and looked great! He has a keen eye for great action shots as well.

Cesar CornejoWMAR2 News Meteorologist

Lenard's professionalism is beyond expectations. His dedication to dig deep while keeping things interesting is his natural talent. He brings passion to the table and makes sure the viewer/consumer not only sees it but feels it throughout. A brilliant person not only to work with but simply to be around. 'Nard' has a niche of content you won't find anywhere else.

Jesse ValdezABC4 News Photographer

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